To my mum, on Mothers Day.

Mother, n.
The only woman in the world who would still give you a cuddle after you have ignored her phone calls, the only woman who makes you dinner every night even if you throw it away in favor of fast food, told her to 'go away' when your friends are over and the only woman who would do anything and everything for you to make sure you are safe and unharmed.

family photo
Left to Right Back- Fred & Ollie
Left to Right Front- Myself, Wilf, Mum & Abi


I want to start by saying that if I become half the woman that you are then I will be over the moon. You are strong, caring, empathetic, beautiful inside and out and more than anything, my idol and role model. You have raised 5 wonderful children and have done a simply wonderful job.

Since I was 5 years old you have single handedly cared for, loved and taught me, my brothers and sister. You have encouraged us, supported us and educated us. You have taught me to be strong and opinionated and independent. Because of you I am the gobby and passionate person I am today. 

We may of had our differences over the years, fights, arguments and disagreements but you are still my best friend. You are the best Nanny I could ask for for Albert and I know he will grow up to love and care about you as much as I do. You have shown me and taught me about unconditional love and care and without you I wouldn't be the mother I am to my wonderful little boy.

You were my first teacher, teaching me to count and read, teaching me about animals and the world around me. You looked after me and taught me to be brave, to be caring, to be passionate. You were my first best friend, looking out for me, protecting me, laughing with me. Yu've watched me grow, seen me cry over break ups and fall outs, seen me smile and laugh, you've seen everything I've achieved and been with me at every hurdle, you've shouted for me and cheered me on. You've spent many mornings plaiting my ponies, scrubbing my boots and organising me. And with everything you've done for me you've done out of love. Who would I of been without you?

I've seen you cry, lose your temper, laugh and smile. I've watched you cuddle others and give them a roof over their heads, even when we barely had room to move. I've watched you make thousands of cups of tea for people who need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. I've watched you care for sick animals and take them on when others no longer want them. I've watched you care endlessly and selflessly for your mum for months on your own when others were too busy with their own lives. I watched you walk tall at her funeral and still manage to smile and remember the positives. I've seen so much of what you do and all of that has shaped me. All of it made me who I am today. I've seen all the sacrifices you made for us, all the work you put in to make our houses in to a home, all the time you spent with us when we couldn't afford days out, for being the best Mum to us when the world didn't want to help.

Thank you for loving me on my darkest days, when I shouted at you and moaned. Thank you for supporting me, even if sometimes my ideas were silly. Thank you for cheering me on and encouranging me when I felt like I couldn't do it. Thank you for every little thing that you do for me and Albert, for all the little ways you show us how much you love us, for all the smiles you bring to our faces and all the support you wrap us in.

Thank you for being the best Mum in the world. Don't ever change and don't ever forget it! 

Your eldest pain in the bum x"

mum daughter riding horses
Me and Mum riding together.

mum daughter bunkfest wallingford 2009
Me and Mum approx 2009ish.


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