The Story Of Country Mumming

Who am I and what is she all about I'm sure you're thinking. What makes me different? If I'm honest, I have no idea myself! So here's a little bit about me and my little family. So I met Adam in December 2016, he had organised with a friend to deliver Christmas boxes to homeless shelters and people on the street in Oxford. Myself, my Mum and my sister had made a box up and we were off to drop it off! When we got there Adams car was too small to take all the boxes. So, of course, myself and my sister did what any other person would do right? We loaded up the remaining boxes and helped deliver them. Fast forward 6 months to July 2017 and me and the man child went on our first date and the rest is history! Well not all of it.. Feb 2018 and we were pregnant, much to our shock and excitement after me being 90% certain I couldn't have children. We were over the moon of course and, as I'm sure all mums say, I felt like I was pregnant for FOREVER! Anyhow, in amongst all this we were relocating, not miles away but from a town in Oxfordshire to a tiny village in Wiltshire. We lived in a tiny 2 bed on a massive estate in the middle of a huge town and we hated it. The town is lovely but not for us, so we sold up and moved off to the middle of no where with my ever-growing belly and two overgrown dogs. Then Sept 2018 and we suddenly had a child! Baby Ball (BB) arrived. Now pure honestly is about to dribble out of my fingers now, ready? I HATED BEING PREGNANT! I love my little baba and yes, a women's body is an amazing thing, blah, blah, but I hated it! Why? 1; I horse ride, and of course that's a little risky while being pregnant, especially as my two overgrown dogs aren't the easiest! So I haven't ridden in nearly 12 months and I miss it! I used to compete and ride 5/6 days out of 7 and my horses were fit and looked pretty. Now they're fat, fluffy and resemble swamp monsters! 2; I didn't fit in any of my lovely clothing! What is that about?! And I'm sure you've all been there, but maternity clothing is a nightmare! I couldn't find anything I liked, and if I did it would of cost me a kidney! We'd just moved house, as if I had spare cash to pay £12907347 on a pair of Maternity jeans! 3; I'm a Type 1 Diabetic which put me in the category of High Risk Pregnancy which in turn meant trips to the hospital every 2 weeks to see a hoard of people and be measured and poked. The upside was we got about 7 or 8 ultrasounds of our ever growing baba. Anyway, Mr Albert Ball arrived 3 weeks early at the end of Sept 2018 via C-Section because he had taken after Mummy and Daddy and liked his grub, he still does, and had grown a little too big! So here we were, with a newborn and lets be honest, as first time parents, we  had no idea what we were doing. But wait, its gets better! So everyone knows that babies have heel prick tests at 5 days old right? Well he had his and were told "Oh you'll only hear back if there is something wrong." Well 2 weeks after said heel prick test I got a phone call while laying in bed with my sore scar and hair that had obviously been dipped in a deep fat fryer *eye roll*. It was a specialist from Great Western Hospital, our little chubster had Cystic Fibrosis. Cue tears, shock, questions and of course a swift Google search! (Don't do that, the information is VERY outdated!) Well we booked to see the specialist and he walked us through everything, the genetics and the treatment and what to expect, which was preventative medication and lots of hospital visits (its my own fault for being so excited to see the back of hospitals after my pregnancy.) We then met our specialist team; Physio, Dietician, Specialist Nurses and of course our Specialist Consultant. So we went home and a few days later we were shown and given BB's medication and so it began, enzymes before each feed, vitamins each morning and a special mask to help strengthen his lungs. Which I'm sure you'll hear about in future blogs, especially the enzyme (Creon), I hate that stuff!
But that's you pretty much caught up. I have two swamp monsters/overgrown labradors/horses, an overgrown man child as a boyfriend and a son who is going to be as stubborn as his parents are. We all live in the countryside. Oh and I can't drive, so there's always going be an adventure to write about if I want to go somewhere.
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Adam, Albert and Cromwell the horse.


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