3 reasons you SHOULD use the train with your baby!

Friday, lovely, wonderful Friday. The day everyone looks forward too! I certainly was as myself and BB were off to see my best friend Emma! Now as you'll know from my first blog (which you can find here), I don’t drive, so how was I going to get to Didcot from Wiltshire I hear you ask? A train of course! How hard could it possibly be? Well, I’ll tell you! I was super prepared, had packed what felt like the contents of house in our bag so we were equipped for any situation that may arise, so that includes all the normal things like bottles, spare clothes (For him, not me), nappies and wipes, muslins to mop mess up with but also all the added extras that comes with my Diabetes and his CF (Cystic Fibrosis). So I needed all my back ups, insulin, test strips, glucose in case of low blood sugars and special cannula’s and lines for my very swanky pump that does all the hard work for me! For Albert I needed his Creon, a tiny little pot of tiny little balls with a teeny tiny scoop! The Creon deserves a blog all for itself so that might come later. Anyway, everything was packed and put in the car ready for Adam to drive us to the train station. He dropped us off and off I went to get our tickets, no drama, then off through the gates to find our platform and to ask a member of station staff what the best way to get to the platform was (I can’t take an 11 week old baby out of the pram and fold it up, that would just be ridiculous and he wriggles far too much for me to not possibly drop him!). I could use the lift, I honestly felt like a member of royalty! I used to think that the lifts were locked for special circumstances only, turns out they’re not, so that was a lesson learnt for next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time! Anyway, on I go, up to the platform, no problem, wait for the train and I think ”I’ll ask someone where on the train is best to be with buggy, kitchen sink and Albert” to be told, “Well there’s space in the disabled section but that’s in First Class so you’ll need a FC ticket.. Just jump on and stand in the vestibule of the carriage, you might get asked to fold the pram down though..” Okay then, I thought, that's not going to happen, we’ll be in Didcot by the time I’ve folded it down! So I hop on, no help from the station staff may I add, but I was lucky enough to be helped by some lovely passengers who lifted the pram on and helped me get set up in a little corner. That brings me to this: The new electric trains are smaller! On the old diesel ones I would of had plenty of room to hide out the way but on the new electric one I certainly did not! Oh well, I suppose it was cozy.. We arrive in Didcot, Albert slept the whole way, winner! Off we hop, helped by the same passenger who helped us on, and off we go, found the lift to get down and out the station. Next stop, Emmas house! Went on the school run to pick her little boy up while gossiping about pregnancy (she is expecting a little girl in March, I’m VERY excited!) and back to hers to drop her boy off with her partner and feed monkey, then off to the pub we went to grab some food. Albert decided now was the time to be awake, he let me eat my food, (that’s a rarity), but as I ordered pudding he decided that he wanted attention, cue crying.. Cuddles being given and he was still making his presence known and a lady a few tables away is glaring at me. Well excuse her! How dare she? So I loudly said ”We’re making lots of noise aren’t we Mr? At least we’re at a family restaurant, if people want a quiet meal they should go to higher class place.” That did the trick, the lady averted her eyes, win! Anyhow, he settled down and it was time to leave and get the train back in time for Adam to pick us back up in Swindon. So off we go, get to the gates to go through when I’m told very rudely “You’ll have to go the other way.” “What other way?“ I ask. “Up the ramp.” Comes the sharp reply, “You can‘t take a baby up the steps this way”, “But I can use the lift?” “Not if you’re going to Swindon, no lift to that platform.” At this point I had 3 minutes to get up to the platform and on the train and my patience was a bit thin, I was tired, and as cold as a naked cat would be in Antarctica! So I turn on my heel while loudly announcing “He’s my child, if I want to go up the stairs with him then I should be allowed!” Manage to get to platform just as the train pulls in and on I get with help from another lovely passenger. Monkey, un-surprisingly, slept the whole way again, and we swiftly arrived in Swindon. Said lovely passenger helps me off again and smiles saying “Has he woken up?“ “No he hasn’t, he sleeps through everything!” I reply with a smile, inside, feeling very proud of me and him. I felt all warm and fuzzy having my faith in the public restored with all the help I had received. So I found the lift, left the station and waited for a few minutes for Adam to pick us up, pack everything up and flop in to the car like uncooked bread dough in to a tin, with a smug look on my face. I did it, I managed to smash using public transport with my 11 week old, no dramas, just a few inconveniences, and I would totally do it again! So, for anyone who doesn’t drive, or doesn’t want to drive (it would of cost me three times the cost of my train ticket in fuel to drive there and back) these are my 3 reasons why you damn well SHOULD use a train with your baby/toddler: 1- Public transport is for everyone, not just daily commuters! So do not feel worried or embarrassed about being ‘in the way’ of others. You have every right to be there!
2- It is great for your child’s development, my little man got to experience new noises, smells and sights and, even though I may of sounded like a crazy person, I got to chat to him about what we were up to! And after all, its proven that the more words your babies are exposed too the earlier their speech develops and they find it easier!
And 3- It’s good for us Mums too! We spend so much time stuck in looking after our tiny human that just getting out and feeling independent makes you feel better. Or at least for me it did! I may of been shattered but I felt good and a lot less trapped after this journey. So there you go, my 3 reasons why you SHOUD definitely use a train with your child! I’ll be doing it again and even when I do get driving I will continue to show my little man the world in as many different ways as possible instead of being stuck in just a car seat. Anyway, this is all new to me and I love writing them so I hope you are enjoying it as much as me and thank you for reading!
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Albert on the train, half asleep!


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