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How I realised my worth.

Last night I went to see The Greatest Showman Singalong in Theatre. And last night was when a lot of realisation hit me.

I’ve been having body confidence issues, I’ve been feeling alone and isolated and most of all I’ve felt like I had no one around me. I hate my stretch marks, I hate my over hang after my Caesarean and I hate my scar. I can’t look at myself in the mirror, I don’t feel comfortable in anything that I wear and I don’t feel like me. I live miles from my best friends and family and it’s gotten to me. A lot! 
My life has changed so much. And even though I knew it would change it hit me about 2 months ago how much it really has changed. I loved working and being busy, I loved my long shifts (well bar some days that even the word ‘stressful’ doesn’t cover), I loved my riding and being up at 6am, 5 days a week to do my horses before my shift. I loved my riding lessons at weekends. I loved being able to pop round the corner for a cuppa at my mums or being able to walk to my be…

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