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To my 6 month old monster.

'Albert,  I’m not sure when or how this has crept up, but how on Earth are you 6 months old already!? Half a year! It’s gone way too fast and it’s crazy to think that if we go at the rate we are we’ll be celebrating your first birthday tomorrow!  You have changed our lives in so many ways. We used to wake up slowly with a coffee, take in the light and quietly get ourselves ready for the day ahead. Now we wake up, with heavy eyes and it feels like an army expedition to get ready to go to the shop. We could spend hours with the horses, or simply nip out. But you came crashing in to our lives and somehow taught me to be even more organised!  You never fail to make us smile, even when you wake us up at 5am, when you fall back to sleep in my arms I smile at your content face and wonder what you’re dreaming about. Your laugh and smile are infectious and you’re beautiful big blue eyes make us melt. You are such a happy baby, exploring everything and anything and I know it won’t be long unti…

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